Mission Statement

 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:19)

Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Christian Studies faculty is:
To equip our students through quality education and character development to make a significant contribution to their communities by working to bring hope where there is despair, wealth where there is poverty and unity where there is division. But we want to make Bible school and chapel .we have adult education school but it is very small. We want to make big school. We are trying for it. Pray for us. 

We aim to  

Equip Christians for missions
Prepare church leaders for multicultural societies
Empower local church ministries
Our activities include Biblical counseling for addictions, uniting broken families so that they can enjoy a new life in Christ, visiting the sick, follow-up through literature and by personal visits, Bible study groups in various places, and lending books and cassettes which are helpful in Christian growth. Our dream is also to set up a resource library for the Christian workers.
Mainly boys are addicted to solvents, smoking, drink and drugs. To feed this addiction, perverted people physically and sexually abuse them, and it is our tearful prayers to bring them out of this hell by showing “Real love in Action” and encouraging them to join with us as a family. Some boys and girls as young as six years of age are fending for themselves on the streets and many have sole responsibility for younger children and babies, scavenging for food and shelter.
Our vision is to plant churches where there is no church or worship center. The efforts of our missionaries in striving to establish His Kingdom in Pakistan have not gone in vain. We could see many people accept Christ as their personal savior. These new believers ought to be nourished spiritually to grow in His grace. To establish them in firm faith, BPM plants churches. Believers are disciplined in these churches on strong foundations of the Apostles Doctrine, Christian fellowship, Holy Communion and Fervent prayers - Jesus Christ being the Chief Corner Stone.
God bless you

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